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12th Edition
Feb 22nd, 2022

Best Narrative Feature


Directors:     Claire Coaché, Lisle Turner


Best Narrative Short

Uncommon Negotiator              

Director:     Brian Glassford


Best Documentary Feature

America Boxed In             

Directors:     Casey G. Williams, Ian S. Williams


Best Documentary short

Drive Like A Girl                   

Director:    Malcolm Clarke


Best Experimental

Wonderland Recoil      

Director:    Shaun Rana


Best Animation


Director:     Shaofu Zhang


Best Science Fiction


Director:    Dwayne Cameron


Best Horror

Fire With Fire               

Director:    Luke Bond


Best Director

Rick Walker                

Second Chances

Best Producer

Jessie Wright               

The Memory Scanner. Com


Best Cinematography

Raphael Bourdin                         


Best Editor

Anthony Kalmeta                      



Best Actress

Monique Rosario                  


Best Actor

Lawrence Locke

Intended Parents


Best Script

The Allegory of the Cave                   

Writer:   Sandra M. Reed


Best Unproduced script


Writer:        Kathryn Orzech


Best TV Series/Pilot/Web

Lola Does Manhattan                   

Director:      Rob Margolies


Best Comedy

Get Lost In The Outdoors         

Directors:   Allen Ray Freeman, Dean LeCrone


Best Student Film


Director:   Laura Strausz


Best Music Video

A Feast That Never Comes                  

Director:       Maria Juranic


Best Thriller


Director:     Karl Richter


Best Composer

Chia-Hui Lu                        

XR Obsession

Best First Time Filmmaker

America v2.1: The Sad Demise & Eventual Extinction of the American Negro

Directors:     Tyrone Phillips, Lowell Thomas


Best Female Filmmaker

Martha's Day                 

Director:       Sofia Monzerratt

Best Indie Film        


Director:       ADZE UGAH 

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