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14th Edition
July, 2022

Best Narrative Feature & Best Director:

Farewell Beijing
Director: Xixi Cao


Best Narrative Short & Best Cinematography 

Broke Down Drone

Director: Marquis Simmons


Best Documentary Feature

Citizen of Moria

Director: Jawad Mir, Ahmad Ebrahimi


Best Documentary short

The Black Raven

Director: George Wyhinny


Best Experimental

HOTEP-Know Thy Self

Director: Petri Salo


Best Animation


Director: Rico Gutierrez


Best Horror


Director: Ric Rawlins

Best Producer

Martina Adamcova

My Wacko Parents

Best Actress

Martina Sivori              


Honorable mention Actress:

Jennifer Scott

Eyes Upon Waking


Best Actor

Arsi Nami


Best Editing & Honorable mention First time filmmaker: 

Director: Jude Peter Damian


Best Original Script

Stripped from Insanity                

Writer: Tercola Durham, Edwin Maker Jr.


Best Unproduced script

The Remarkable Tale of Phineas P. Gage

Writer: Tom Vecchio


Best TV Series/Pilot/Web

A Promise of Vengeance
Giacomo Giammatteo

Best Comedy

My Wacko Parents

Director: Tina Adams


Best Student Film

Hand that Feeds

Director:  Matthew Dunlap


Best Music Video

Tragedy Strikes

Director: Morgan Gullett


Best Thriller

A Deadly Conversation

Director: David Pratt


Best Trailer

SFI Trailer

Director: Sharrie Mccain


Best Composer

Matthew Ferraro

The Runner 


Best First-Time Filmmaker

UKWATI // The Wedding

Director: Sean William Economou


Best Female Filmmaker

Xixi Cao

Farewell Beijing


Best Indie Film

Joe Haladin: The Case of the Missing Sister

Director: Jody Stelzig

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